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Ranking well in your local city can make a huge financial difference for your company. Search engine optimization has become one of the key digital marketing tactics that can help you generate more business by increasing sales and leads. We have done so many case studies and every time a company is ranking well in Google, it is proven to be doing much better in terms of revenue compared to their competitors that are not ranking on the first page of Google.


How to Rank Well in Denver? (Expert's Advice)

Our SEO experts have put together a small checklist for you to follow. If you have the time and energy to test different strategies, you will rank very well on Google. We did this for this page that you are reading right now to prove to you that it works and have ranked on terms such as: Denver SEO experts and 30+ other keywords locally. 

Page Title 

Your website should have all the title tags fully optimized. Having a great title will make a difference in your ranking. For example, our page title is: SEO AdviSe | Denver SEO Experts since our main focus is to rank on this keyword. Make sure not to keyword stuff!

Meta Title Description

If you are not sure what this is, it's a description of your page. This helps search engines understand what your page is about. It should contain the keyword you want to rank for.


Structure of Your URL

It's important to have a clean structure. Google will reward you for a client's experience and one way Google knows that the client experience is great is by seeing how long they stay on your page.


Optimized Images

All website images should be optimized for some of the keywords you are targeting and these should be very well optimized. For example, one of the keywords we are targeting is: Denver SEO company, we want one of the images to mention the city and the keyword. An example of image optimization: Local SEO company in Denver.



Optimized Content

This is one of the most important on-page optimization factors when you want to rank locally for your city. The content should be within 1,000-1,500 words and very well optimized for the keyword you want to rank for. Here's an example from our SEO experts: one of the keywords we want to rank for is SEO Denver, now this keyword should be mentioned a few times within the content. It should flow well within the content. Do not keyword stuff, it will only hurt your rankings!


Having a www re-direct

Make sure your website redirects to a single URL. You do not want to have a duplicate content penalty by Google by having 2 identical websites. To check if your website redirects to the same page, the www or non-www should redirect to the same URL page.


Business listings 

Make sure your local business listings is the same on every local listing. For example, your Google local listing should be the same as a Yahoo listing, your website listing etc. Google is very strict about this as they don't want to send a client somewhere where you are no longer located. Again, user experience is very important to Google.

Local Company Reviews

If you have 0 local reviews on Google or Yahoo, you need to rethink your SEO strategy. Businesses with more reviews are proven to do much better than companies with 0 reviews. For example, our company goal is to get at least 5 positive Denver SEO reviews for our business. This should help with the conversations and more leads.

Mobile friendly website

Google already stated that more than 50% of searches come from a mobile device. If your website is not mobile friendly, your rankings on a mobile device might be lower than on a desktop computer. You can check if your website is mobile friendly here


Social Media Marketing

This has become a small sign that users who visit and share the content of your page tend to rank higher on search engines. That's why you should take advantage of Social Media Marketing. For example, our own company always tries to post something useful on social media to drive targeted traffic back to the page.

Link Building Signs

You want quality link building from websites that have real traffic. For example, our Denver SEO experts focused on quality link building for the past few months and because of that we are ranking on terms like: SEO services Denver and 30+ other local keywords. 


What else?

There are over 100+ local SEO factors that determine how well you will rank on Google. If you have the time and are willing to test some of the methods on dummy websites, our Experts here in Denver highly recommend you to try it yourself and see how it goes. You never know, you might rank your own website with that dedication!


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

 Local SEO company in Denver

SEO is not as simple as you may think it is. There are many SEO services out there that focus on low quality link building and make all the promises. Our SEO company highly suggests you read the blog below on how you can build quality backlinks to your website. It's important that you follow these rules as we have seen many local and national companies get penalized by Google simply because they didn't care how they got to the first page. We have followed these rules and were able to successfully rank all of our clients on the first page of Google. It does take a lot of time but it's not impossible to do. 

SEO has changed so much since Google first came out. Back then it was super easy to rank on the first page of Google: all you had to do is put your keywords on the page multiple times and you would rank. To rank now on Google you have to put in a lot of time and effort, or have a team who uses the latest SEO strategies. Every service varies from company to company. How do you know who is doing it right? Simply read this blog, and it will answer some of the questions you might have. 

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