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It took us 1 month to rank on: here where you found us, and many other related keywords with using ONLY white hat SEO techniques. Google love's content and that's exactly what we did for this page to rank so highly in the state of Florida. Now, you may be asking can we rank your website that fast? Yes, we can - but first we need to do much more than that. A keyword research needs to be performed and a competition analysis. 


In fact, if you are curious what we did to rank on 1st page for: here's some things we did.

Optimized Title Tags Locally

Your title tag is one of the most important on page optimization signs that tells search engines like Google what your page is about. You want to make sure that your title tag includes some kind of keyword. Now do not put multiple keywords in title tags beacuse this just tells Google that you are a spammer and in the end you won't be ranking that highly. Let's look at an example, since we are targeting the state you are living in and the keywords we want to make sure to put our mine keyword in the Title tag, so that's what we did, our title tag for this page is: Florida SEO Company by SEOAdviSe - Not how we didn't put all other keywords that have the combination of "state name" services, "state name" search engine optimization etc. We only focused on one to look more natural. 

Amazing Title Description

This is the second most important part of on page optimization, your meta description. This is where you put a summary of your page. The summary should be very well optimized and have words plus a secondary keyword that looks natural. For example, in the meta title we have included our main SEO keyword and in the description we have put our secondary keyword plus distributed the words we also want to rank on which are: services, company, agency etc. You also want to make sure you do your best job on title description and title tag as you do not want to be changing them. So do your research first or hire our SEO company which has a proven track of ranking websites nationally and locally for very competitive keywords.

Very Clean URL structure

First of all you need to have Google Webmaster Tools setup and Analytics, if you don't you need that as soon as possible. In your webmaster tools you will be able to see how many errors your website has. Your goal is to make sure you have 0 at all time. This tells Google that your website is clean and free of errors, which provides a better user experience and that is exactly what Google is looking for. Our SEOAdviSe website has 0 errors and if any come up we fix them within 24 hours, this goes exactly the same for all of our clients, and it is one of the reasons why all of our clients are ranking on first page of Google. Not only that our page has 0 errors and the url page structure is very friendly and fast. 


Frindly Image Optimization

Are your images optimized? If they are not, you are already losing a point from Google. We optimized all the images for all of our clients to make sure our on page optimization is the best. See if you are already ranking on 1st page of Google but your position is #3, you have to look at what your competitor is doing, and if your competitors has all the images optimized and you don't this might be a reason why your ranking #3 and your competitors is ranking #1. Every point counts, and our top SEO agency always optimizes images. In fact, for this page that you are reading right now we have optimized some images as: Best digital marketing company and different variations. Optimizing images, is bit complicated as there are a few things you have to do. It's best to have a professional do it as you don't want to have any errors in the image section.

Website Content

Check out our page, we have wrote more than 1,300 words, and on top of this we gave many tips here that we are sure any business owner will find it useful. This is exactly what Google wants from your company's website. Your content should be very well optimized and have at least 1,000 words. It's best if someone who knows about SEO writes the content for your business, as there are many things to keep in mind like: H1, H2 tags, the variation of the keywords you are targeting, where they are placed and so much more. Our SEO agency does exactly that. We have years of experience writing friendly content Google loves and with that comes our clients success. 

Proper www re-direct 

Having a proper www re-direct is very important as you need to tell search engines, what page you want to have it indexed. Let's look at an example, our website redirects from SEOadviSe.com to https://www.seoadvise.com and any other vartion you type in it will always redirect to: https://www.SEOadvise.com. Go ahead and check for yourself. Type in any browser our website and see what happens. Now this is what you want to make sure happens to your company's website as well. You do not want two different redirects this will only hurt your rankings and it will confuse Google which page to rank as there will be 2 different pages. Our search engine marketing experts always make sure that our clients websites redirect properly. 

Local business listings

Local listings are extremely important. You want to make sure that all of your listings are kept constant. For example, your address and phone number should all the same on all of local listings, if they are not, please make sure to fix it. Again, Google is looking for the best user experience for their users and you have to provide that to Google, one way of doing just that is making sure your listings are the same on all of the platforms. Our company checks the main local listings and verifies that they are the same.

Importance of Local Reviews

If you are lacking reviews on local listings, you need to apply a strategy that will help you gain more positive reviews. Not only this shows a trust in customers, but it tells Google that you are a real business owner. For example, our SEO company goals are to get at least 5 positive reviews from our clients. This may be hard for an SEO service agency but with time reviews should start coming in once we gain more clients and provide an amazing search engine marketing. You should do the same! Keep in mind that we give some amazing strategies on how you can gain naturally more reviews from your current or past clients. 

Mobile friendly website

If your rankings are lower on mobile and higher on desktop one of the reason maybe beacuse your website is not mobile friendly. Google stated that this is one of the signals they are using to rank your website. For example, go on your mobile and type in our website address: seoadvise.com. You will see that our website is mobile friendly. This is one of the reason why we are ranking so highly on mobile devices. 

Social Media

Having links from social media has become very important in terms of ranking on Google. If your business does not have Facebook, Twitter and all other social media accounts, you are losing the trust of Google. A real business will have all of these set up and very well optimized for the keywords you want to rank for. SEOAdviSe has Facebook, Twitter and many other social accounts that are link to our SEO website page. This creates a trust, and shows Google that we care and we are a real business. 

Link Building Signs

Link Building is the most important sign when it comes to rankings. Our SEO company always does the best link building for all of our clients and for that reason they are ranking on 1st page and mostly in top 3! To understand link building it will require a lot more content than what we are about to tell you here but a quick research can give you an idea. Simple put, you want to be mentioned by websites such as Huffington Post, Forbes and many other well trusted websites by Google. The more trusted the website, the higher your rankings and quicker results. 

What else?

This was just a small summary of some of the main things our SEO agency does. Florida is a big state, and we have ranked our page very quickly by doing the research on the competition and studying our backlinks. Within a month we have ranked and some clients of ours do rank that quickly, but that all varies for all of our clients. Find out more on how we can help you 10x your business today by contacting us here.


Increase in online transactions


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Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

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Are you ready to grow your business? Look at us we have already expended to many cities in USA such as: Houston, Denver and many others. Our SEO company can rank your website with in top 3 position. Keep in mind our SEO are only White Hat, and there are a few companies who are ranking on the key terms that uses spammy techniques that will only gain you results for short term but never the 1st page. Do your research and if you have any questions, simply give our SEO agency a call and we are more than willing to answer any questions you might have.

If you are looking for the best SEO company, SEOAdviSe, can help you achive 1st page ranking. We have grown a cleaning service company in Chicago to over $2,000,000 million in revenue simple beacuse we have ranked them on 1st page of Google. This is just on successful story and we have many, many other ones! This is probably the hardest decision you as the business owner will have to make, and going with our SEO service is the best decision you can make for your company. Fill out the form below and will offer a free SEO consultation for your business worth $450!

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