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Here's what works: 

Content strategy! It's as simple as that. When it comes to SEO and rankings on search engines, content is king.

We did a quick summary of what exactly we did to rank locally here in New York City.

Check your website and see if you have all of the following tips done, if not you should implement them.


Meta Title Tags

Title tags are very important. Your title tag should be very well optimized with the main keyword in it. You do not want to keyword stuff. If you do, Google will simple change it and display something that is more reasonable. Let's look at one example of an well optimized title tag. Our page title tag is the following: New York SEO | SEOAdviSe NYC Agency. What we put is simply the main keyword and what our company does locally.

Meta Title Description

Each page on your website should have a description. This is where you should place naturally your second post important keywords. The keywords do not have to be exact. What you want to do is provide a brief description about your page. If the description is now well optimized or keyword stuff, it may hurt your rankings. Not only that, Google will change the description based on what it thinks best describes your page.

Clean Website Structure

Have you noticed how we don't like to wait for something? Or if there's an error we get frustrated. Well Google loves websites that are clean, free of errors and fast. You can easily check if your website has any errors by logging in to your webmaster tools. You want to make sure that the website loads fast for better SEO rankings and that there is no errors on any pages. 

Images Optimization

Did you know that even your images should be optimized for better rankings? All images on the website should be well optimized on all of the pages. Having an image optimized will only help Google understand what your website is about and what you want to rank for. Let's look at an example. On this page we have optimized all 3 images. One of the images alt attribute is the following; Local SEO Company in the New York City. This should give us an edge if one of our competitors that is ranking has not optimized images.

Optimized Content

If this is something that your company is struggling to do, we highly suggest to hire an SEO consultant that can guide you on how your website should be optimized. Your content should be in the 1,000-1,500 words and very well optimized for better SEO ranking performance. You want to make sure to never keyword stuff. Google is looking for a natural content. If you are a company who is located in New York, you would want to mention the city name here and there in the content. Never over do it (it will only hurt you)!

www re-direct

Have you checked if your website is redirecting correctly? If not, you should! Not having a website redirect to the URL chosen can only hurt your rankings. What you want to make sure it happens here is when anyone types in your domain name with or without the www it redirects to the same url. For example, if you click on this: SEOAdviSe.com it will redirect you to https://www.seoadvise.com. We prefer the www version. Again so what's important in here is that it will always redirect to the same url, no matter what way you how you type in the URL.

Local Listing Consistency

Google loves when a business is consistent on all of the local listing websites. This will only help your SEO and local rankings. What you want to do is make sure that Yahoo local, Google local, your website and all other local listings have the same phone number and business address. You want to keep everything consistent throughout the web.

Local Listing Reviews

From the case study we performed our SEO experts noticed that companies who have reviews get more clients. Every business owner should do their best to try to get a few reviews. These reviews should come from real clients who have used your service or product. For example, our company's goal is to achive reviews on our New York City SEO local listing page. This may take time, but in the end it will help to gain more clients and leads. 

Mobile friendly website

If your website is not mobile friendly you need to hire a web designer and make it. Google has made it clear to all webmaster's that by having mobile friendly website it will affect your rankings. When you Google some of the terms we are ranking like: SEO company NYC, and click on our website on any mobile device you will notice that it looks different. Ther reason for that is because we have a mobile friendly website. 

Updating Social Media

We highly suggest that you update your social media accounts. It only shows Google that you are serious about your business. Though there hasn't been any statements made by Google that social media is part of the ranking process, it has been clearly show in some of the casty studies we did that the top positions usually have a great presence on social media. 

Link Building Signs

Quality link building will only get your website a better exposure, real traffic and higher rankings. Being listed on websites such as Forbes and Huffington Post will only help your website. You should never aim for the low quality! Email us and will share a secret on how you can check  if the website is a real! 

What else?

Blog posting a few times a month can help your rankings as well. What's important here is the internal structure. Linking to other pages internally and to the page you are targeting will help you rank higher in any of the search engines. If you are thinking about doing SEO you first need to develop a strategy that will get you there.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

NYC Optimization and SEO

If your business is lacking local visibility we can help you make the right changes to your website. Our goal is to help you beat your competition by standing out.

SEO outreach has evolve so much! If the current SEO company in New york main focus is on directories, forum posting, blog commenting, article submissions etc. RUN! These are old tactics and sure, they will get you some results but you will NEVER rank on 1st page with this kind of service. What you need is an SEO service that does outreach to real websites. We go much more in depth on what SEO outreach in the below link.

Quality Outreach and Local SEO

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