Chiropractor Marketing: Why Chiropractic SEO Matters

As more and more people turn to the internet to find real-life services, getting your business in front of a large online audience is now more important than ever.

And to do that, you need search engine optimization – or SEO, for short.

What’s SEO?

SEO has to do with everything that goes into getting your website to rank high for a specific keyword - in your case, chiropractor. You could also add your local area, but, as we’re going to see, that’s not essential.

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Basically, what SEO does is get your site ready to show up high in Google searches. It does so by taking into account the Google metrics for each particular site, such as keyword relevance, html data, linking etc.

Other than those strictly page-related factors, Google also considers stuff like page per visits and click-through rates, and these have to do with user experience. This means that SEO also includes solid work on the quality of your content and the readability of your page. As we’re going to see, this is one of the most important factors to consider when working on your website.

SEO for Chiropractors: Tons More Traffic

One of the most immediate benefits you’re going to get if you’ve got a high ranking website is loads more traffic. This means that, if you’re targeting the right keyword (pretty hard not to, right?) your website reaches more potential visitors, and you get more clients.

Google search ranking is so important, in fact, that simply by not figuring in the first page means you’re likely to share less than 3% of the total Google traffic with millions of results.

Website SEO traffic

In other words, the top ten Google search positions get more than 97% of the total Google traffic, with the top 3 positions getting more than 60%.

In short, get your website in the top 3 and you’ll see your business grow dramatically.

Obviously, organic Google traffic is not everything. You could still get some visitors from other search engines, and there’s always a chance your social media campaign will get you some visits, too.

However, the fact that Google makes up for more than 90% of all search engine traffic should tell you where you should focus. There’s nothing like organic traffic – and SEO will give you plenty of it, if you do it right.

Chiropractor SEO: Mobile Traffic and Local Searches

In recent years, mobile searches have overpassed desktop searches, and Google has simultaneously focused in responding better to local users.

Mobile searches and local traffic are closely related. If a mobile user in Baltimore searches for “chiropractor”, Google will show him Baltimore chiropractors. Even though there may be more popular results located in other regions – like, for instance, New York – Google will favor local businesses over industry giants, simply because they’re more relevant to that particular user.

That’s where solid SEO optimization comes in. In deciding which website is the most relevant, Google takes into account a multitude of factors, such as location, user experience, keyword relevance etc. All these are aspects that an SEO expert will work on to make sure your website ranks high for local searches.

Local SEO means you’ll only have to compete with local websites, much like you would in real life. This makes it that much more important to become the key player on the market – ranking no.1 for a specific area is a huge boon for any website.

Chiropractic Marketing: Why SEO Matters

One important aspect of SEO is html data, and particularly your meta description and your page title. That’s what Google uses to display your website to various users, and that’s what you want to focus on first.

Think of it as the first contact between your business and potential clients. It’s not too different to a newspaper ad, really.

And if you wouldn’t allow Google to generate a random newspaper ad, why would you allow it to generate a random result?

Having a solid presence from the get go is really important, and the get go is the Google search. Look professional, and people will click on you. Don’t and they won’t.

Take a look at this search results:

Meta description for chiropractic SEO

This isn’t quite the first result for chiropractor downtown Columbus, but it’s still on the first page, which means it does pretty well in terms of ranking.

However, what’s really great about this entry is the way the meta description works well to draw clients in. The text is short, clear easy to read, without any unnecessary or obvious marketing efforts. The overall image is professional, giving this particular entry an edge over the rest of the search results.

The only problem with this particular search result is the way the page title doesn’t fit in well. That’s really not a big issue, but having a tighter title would have looked better.

Chiropractic marketing

This second search result has a nice, perfectly-fitting title, but the meta description is larger than Google can display. While this is not a bad thing in itself, it does look worse than a more concise, properly written description.

Obviously, leaving the reader hanging may also be a marketing strategy which might work for some people – but it’s not particularly professional looking, is it?

After all, take a look at the perfect search result that is YouTube:

Youtube search engine optimization

Perfect title, great description with keyword integration (videos, music, original content, upload, share), everything looking perfect. That’s what you should aim for, too.

Chiropractor SEO: Brand Image and Credibility

Finally, one of the most important things that SEO will get you is a solid brand image and increased credibility.

The thing is, people have higher respect for websites that rank high on Google. That’s a first factor weighing in to your brand image, and that’s entirely dependent on how well-optimized your website is.

That’s not all there is to developing credibility, however.

The more you focus on creating a sharp-looking website, the more people will start respecting it. If you manage to make them stay once they click on it, you’ll both make a more positive impression and get them contact you.

And the way to do that is through great content and solid website design.

Website and Optimization

The website above, for instance, has a solid-looking, professional first page. Contact details for difference regions are easily accessible, the menu is extremely user-friendly, and the live chat option is an added bonus. What’s not to like?

What’s more, this website also offers its visitors some information related to different conditions that might require chiropractic treatment. What this does is increase reader’s confidence, while also increasing time per visit.

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Great content and solid web design go hand in hand with solid SEO, and they build trust and credibility. Once you’ve got that, clients will follow naturally – and all that because of a trustworthy, user-friendly, professional website.


If you’re a chiropractor looking to grow your business, focusing on SEO should be one of the main areas of investment. From brand image to getting more traffic, a search-optimized website will have a positive impact on your business success.

You’ve got plenty of opportunities to go about optimizing your website. The internet is full of SEO articles, and you can always get an expert to do all the hard work for you. Whichever way you do it, it’s the results that count – and those results can be downright amazing.