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So you Googled "Houston SEO" now what?

Are you a company in need of a SEO service? (Read more below)

You might of typed in a different key term than the above one but that doesn't matter. What matters is that your company is in need of a SEO service or maybe you are looking to learn more about SEO. 

How did we rank on Houston?

It's fairly simple once you understand what Google really wants. But, before that you will need to test some of the "methods". Not only that, you will need to give up what you are doing now for your business and invest all of your team, reading, learning and testing.

Can anyone rank on Google?

Yes, with the right SEO strategy and time your website can rank on very competitive keywords. But the question will always remain how?


Read below to find out what we did to rank on terms like: Houston SEO company and 30+ other local keywords.

Meta Title tag

Very well optimized title tags are very important. This tells Google what your page is about. It should also list the main keyword you want to rank for. What you don't want to do is keyword stuff you page title as this will only hurt your rankings. Let's look at an example, for this page we put a meta title as: Houston SEO | SEOAdviSe Agency - we didn't keyword stuff, just simply told what our page is about and by who.

Meta Title Description

This is the description that shows up on search engine's under neat the title. Your second most important keyword should be located in this description as well as other terms throughout. You want to make it clear to Google but also making it look natural. The more natural it is the better for the user experience. 

URL structure

If your website has a lot of errors, and it's not user friendly you need to change that as soon as possible. Google has put a huge importance in the website's structure and speed. The faster your website loads with no errors the higher your rankings will be. That's why you should check your website speed and make sure your web developer did a superb job in the backend of your website.

Optimized Images 

Your website should be fully optimized and that includes image optimization. Many skip this step, but those who don't only get rewarded. How should your image be optimized? Well it's fairly simple, one of the images on this page is optimized as following: Local SEO company, this image defines what the page is about. 

Optimized Page Content

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to on page optimization; your content. Your content should have H1, H2 as well as 1,000-1,500+ words on the page. Google loves content and you should take advantage of this. Also, having a very well optimized content with the keywords you want to rank for will help you rank higher.

www re-direct

Make sure that your website redirects to the desired www or non-www domain. This may be bit confusing but what's important here is that if you type in seoadvise.com it will redirect to: https://www.seoadvise.com/ - We preffer the www version.

Consistency local listings

If you are a new or existing company without Google local listing you need to apply for one as soon as possible. Local listings will help you drive more traffic and leads simply because Google will display your website to locally. You want to make sure that all local listing's are the same. For example, your Google and Yahoo listing should match your website listing. If you have outdated phone number or address on any of these make sure to update them. Google want's the best user experience and if you don't have the consistently it will only hurt your rankings locally.

Online local reviews

If your business has 0 local reviews on Google, yahoo and other local listings websites you need to rethink your strategy. Every company should have at least 5 local reviews. From the case study we did, companies who do have reviews get more customers! Put a goal for your company, for instant, our goal is to get at least 5 positive Google reviews so that we rank higher on terms, Houston SEO company and other competitive keywords. Once we do gain the reviews from our clients, we should see a dramatic increase in  rankings for Google local listing.


Mobile friendly website

It has been reported that more than 50% of searches now come from mobile devices. What this means for your company's website is that you need to have a mobile friendly website. Google even has stated that having a mobile friendly website is now part of their ranking factor. Google cares about their users, and their users are your customers. How does a mobile website looks? If you are reading this on desktop take a minute and enter our domain name on your device, once on it you will notice that it looks much different that is because it's mobile friendly. 

Importance of Social Media

Social media has become part of our life. You will almost find every person on one of the outlets. So how SEO and social media come together? Simple said traffic and shares. If your content is amazing it will gain many shares on Facebook, Twitter and other well know social media websites. How does this help your SEO? It gives a sign to Google that the content you wrote is engaging and users love it. You should always try to update your social media accounts a few times a week, this will only benefit your company and you never know, might get a client from it too!

Quality Link Building

To rank highly on some of the terms in Houston we had to gain amazing high quality links. With out these links we would not rank on Google for terms like: SEO company Houston and 30+ other keywords. What you need to keep in mind here is that it's about quality not quantity. For example, getting a single backlink from Forbes is much better than getting hundreds backlinks from directories, forum posting etc. There are still so many SEO companies who focus on low quality spammy backlinks. Even here in Houston, there are only 3-4 SEO companies who use quality backlinks to rank so choose wisely. 

What else?

Great question! What else did we do to rank highly on SEO Houston? Simply updated our blog at least 2-4 times a month that way we can keep Google coming back and crawl our website. If you can we suggest to post more blogs than this. What's important is the quality of the blog not the amount of times you post. Also, your website should be free of any grammer. Based on how well your pages and blogs are written it will Google will give you a score of your grammar. 


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Local SEO services and Link Building

If your business is lacking local visibility we can help you make the right changes to your website. Our goal is to help you beat your competition by standing out.

Your business needs local exposure and with the correct steps you will be able to achieve that exposure. We have listed some of the most important things any local business should implement to increase their rankings. Take these actions and your business will begin to show up in front of your customers.

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