Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency

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In this day and age – we live in a world dominated by technology and the internet; it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach audiences by way of traditional means such as cable, newspapers and flyers. The benefits of a digital marketing agency can be great and numerous. Slowly but surely the world is becoming more and more engrossed in technology, no longer must consumers sit through commercials while watching their favorite shows and billboards all but vanish to the eye that is consumed by those hypnotic glowing screens.

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In a recent study by Wired it was found that only an estimated 15 percent of American Adults do not use any form of internet, a drastic drop from a study preformed 15 years earlier, In 2000, which found that half of Americans still hadn’t made their leap in to the cyber world.

With the leaps technology has made, smart phones and tablets bringing the internet into just about every home – People are using the internet now more than ever – it’s used to find just about everything, from Christmas shopping to daily household must haves. In 2010 consumers spent $186 billion dollars online alone and that number has risen steadily within the last few years and is projected to continue to rise.

Now more than ever it is important to create a digital footprint for yourself and your company in the cyber world, although it can seem like a daunting and impossible task, there are people that are available and willing to help guide you through these uncertain waters.

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Search engine optimization and Social Media can be tricky to navigate but are certainly important avenues for effective digital marketing. Most consumers in this age of technology use a combination of Social Media and Search Engines to carefully form an opinion and choose a brand they like and trust. Everything from reviews to interacting with the company can easily sway the consumer opinion.

Blogs have also changed the way a consumers is able to develop relationships with brands – over 80% of consumers trust information published in this form. Blogs,  while an effective and crucial tool, can be overwhelming according to Writtent.

An absence of digital presence can be a death sentence to small start up businesses but likewise can become their saving grace.

Why to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Questions to Ask an Agency Before You Hire Them - header_7When you make your debut onto the cyber world, a practical place to begin is to hire a digital agency to help and support, build and expand your brand and cyber presence. There are countless benefits of using a digital marketing agency to do your leg work –

Here are only a few:

They Know the Business

Digital media is extreme and expansive – can become a chore to set up, optimize and campaign for your digital presence. While you might be skilled on one site -Concentrating on only one platform is sure to be a marketing failure – it’s essential for you to combine multiple mediums to best be able to grow and expand your brand. There exist a great many different tools online for your disposal. A great and well versed online strategist will take advantage of several forms to create a cohesive network that will function together.

Creating a Fantastic Blog

An example may be; creating a blog to build your websites Search Engine Optimized (SEO) while simultaneously pulling in consumers using multiple social media platforms and advertisements such as Facebook. Then subsequently – ideally these visitors would then subscribe to your email marketing list via a landing page on your website.

Build Relationship

Business relationship logoAfter that you’ll be able to begin reaching them regularly and fostering a relationship with your consumer through newsletters that will enable you to more easily connect with individuals and bring them back again and again to your page and product.

Most Avoid Scams

While there are terrific marketing agencies – it’s important to be wary of practices and the fact that not all of them are quality services and not everyone is out to help you. Buying links, keyword stuffing and buying followers are some of the common scams that are most often sold often to business owners.

While some of these scams may provide you with a small gain for a short time – they have the all too real possibility of getting you removed from Google searches or banned from some social medial networks. When this happens it can be a hassle to start again from scratch and can often cost you more money correcting than going through a reputable agency from the get go would have cost you

A well operated digital media agency will know the ins and outs of the market and what the practices are for every digital marketing platform and will be able to enlighten you with them along with any advice you may need to amplify your online presence and transactions.

What’s the Cost?

Digital Marketing CostsDigital marketing experts have the potential to be much more affordable than a traditional team on site in an in-house location or self promoting. While marketing, you may be required to use a number of tools and provisions that you may not be familiar with or able to use efficiently; perhaps being unable to afford the needed program or you haven’t the time or inclination to master, agencies are able to divide their cost over multiple clients and usually boast an experienced staff that are well versed with the programs and are able to easily manipulate them.

Affordable Price

As is the case with much of bulk ordering, some marketing platforms also offer deals to agencies who are seeking to make large purchases. While placing your needs in the hands of an experienced agent you will be able to further your digital campaign at a fraction of the price and effort.

Know Where to Concentrate

An experienced marketer will also have knowledge of their field and experience with running comparable campaigns; knowing when and where to concentrate your resources to provide the maximum benefits to you. Knowing what ideal times for posting updates on a number of outlets is essential knowledge that can greatly increase your chances of being seen.

Adwards Promotions

Agencies should also be aware of keywords for pay-per-click promotions, presenting you with opportunities to participate in campaigns that will bring about a much increased click count. This strategy enables you to participate in campaigns that would attain a much more favorable return on investment.

Support of a Digital Marketing Manager

Indeed Digital Marketing Manager SalaryAside from the cost of tools and resources that must be taken into consideration, the average wage for a Digital Marketing Manager in the is $76,000 reported by Indeed. – When hiring a digital marketing agency, the price is extend over several clients, effectively reducing the cost to yourself significantly all the while still affording you with terrific results.

Time is Money

Save Time and Money with Digital MarketingEven if you think you’re up to the task of putting your name out there and marketing your own brand – you must take into consideration the amount of time that such diligent work, as is needed, will take you.

Tasks Take a Lot of Time

Even if you arm yourself with the most comprehensive tools, calendars and alerts available on the market – you may still fall short with not enough hours in the day. Creating content and managing campaigns is time consuming work and easily eats into time spent better on projects or with family and friends. Your business and personal life can easily suffer from lack of attention – there is simply never enough time.

Learning New Tools

Learning New Digital Marketing ToolsYou’ll also be tasked with learning the tools of the trade that some people have spent years perfecting their skills with – you’ll then be tasked with finding the time to learn your way around these tools and again – other aspects of your life or business may begin to suffer.

Digital Marketing Agencies Will Save You Time

Yet another benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency is the fact that it saves you time that you would otherwise be forced to use to learn, practice and implement the ins and outs of a digital media campaign.

Moving Forward

Hiring a digital marketing agency means that you’re not wasting time doing your own marketing and so you’re allowed to fully focus on your own business’ construction, enabling you to keep your business on track which is imperative to the quality and production levels of a small company.

They Have Connections

Marketing Connections

The most successful agencies will have a vast clientele; inevitably, some of these clients are likely to be of similar nature and are able to be effectively joined to further fashion a much stronger online presence for all involved.

Sharing Content

For instance, a small comic store and game shop might be joined together by an agency to share one another’s content regularly; this strategy will effectively allow both businesses to reach a larger mutual audience while shaving off time in finding usable third party substance to share. It also helps to foster a relationship between similar brands; this is a vital step in creating a strong platform for a great social media campaign.

Huge Network

When a digital media agency has a vast clientele, there is the possibility of a significant number of businesses within their network that will easily enable multiple companies to extend their reach with little to no work.

Saves You Time

If you were to do this on your own, it quite possibly could take hours or days to thoroughly examine and discern well-matched companies and no guarantee that other brands would be willing to take part in your content sharing strategy.

Is it Vital to Have a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency can be an important and intricate component in your brand evolution. Possessing the expertise, experience and resources to be able to expand your product and reach your target audience to maximize sales and further your brand name. It is important, however, to take the time to select the right digital marketing agency for your business needs.

For this it’s important for you to ask prospective candidates a few questions, including;

Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

·         How Do They Price?

It is imperative that you are able to understand costs. You must know what services you’re getting for the price you’ll pay and how add-ons are processed / charged to your business. Also be sure to understand fully what the terms and conditions are for the payment and when you should expect to pay any invoices.

·         What are the main services offered?

Every agency is its own animal and runs slightly different than the next. It’s essential to understand what their expertise or niche is. Is their company one that strategizes and then hires freelancers to combine all elements – or is it a company that provides everything you need?

·         How are results measured?

It’s important to know how results of your campaigns will be monitored. You may not have the same end game in mind – some look for higher ratings on search engines while others look for actual visitors to your page. It’s vital that you and your marketer are on the same page or there may be conflicts that arise.

·         What are their qualifications?

Any agency worth their weight would love to offer you their credentials, including proof of qualifications, recommendations or glowing case studies with evidence of past work. It’s important to be able to see as much as you can so that you’re knowledgeable of whom you’re working with and are confident that you’re working with an experienced team. Hope you liked this, now feel free to check out our digital marketing agency home page for more information.

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